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Custom Round Paw Dog Pet ID Tags Cat Tag with QR Code

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Material:zinc alloy,metal,aluminum etc.
  • Design:Round shape,footprint.
  • Experienced design and manufacturer,each dog tag has a QR code,scan the QR code,get your pets home.
  • Color:red,pink,green,blue,gray.
  • Size:1.10 inch.

Product Details

Instruction for QR Code:
1.WEB POWERED:Every QR has a private a web page, works around the world with internet. This PET ID TAG can be setup or view with any modern web browser. Unique web address is printed on every Tag.Private and secure cloud storage.

 2. STORAGE OF YOUR PET’S INFORMATION: - Each tag with QR code and web address links to a FREE online profile to store critical medical, dietary and contact information. When someone scans your pet’s tag with their smart phone, they’ll be instantly redirected to your pet’s profile.

 3. GOLD LEVEL FUNCTIONALITY GPS: Advanced, this dog tag with GPS, you will receive the notification when the QR is scanned, including GPS data from the scanner’s phone if they allow it.
 4. THE DOG TAG PROVIDES MULTIPLE WAYS for your pet to get home fast - By scanning the QR code, typing the ID link, or calling 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. Prevent losing your dog or cat.

 5. EASY SETUP: In your free website account click "Activate Tag". Up & running in a minute or less. Enter as little (just an email address) or as much (millions of letters) information as you need. Password security included.

Product descriptions:
1.Provides multiple ways for your pet to get home fast. 
(1)Scanning the QR code on the tag ( smart phone, tablet )
(2)Entering tag ID link on browser ( smart phone, tablet, computer )

(3)Calling“Found Pet Hotline” ( phone)

2.Simple to use, with advanced features
(1)Secure activation :Makes sure only the tag owner can manage the tag, others can only view it! 
(2) No app needed :Pet ID Tag can be managed and viewed via any modern web browser on any computer and smart phone.
(3)Automatic access notification email:When tags be scanned, the GPS location is recorded. Automatic tag scanned notifications via email.
(4) Security: Choose public access or password security. 
(5)Custom privacy settings 

Dongguan Opensesame Tech CO., LTD

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