Former President Bush welcomes new service dog to Kennebunkport compound

Sully is the newest member of the Bush family!Former President George H.W. Bush welcomed the yellow Labrador retriever to his Kennebunkport, ME, compound this week. Sully will be the 94-year-old’s new service dog. Sully and President Bush, a lifelong dog lover, reportedly hit it off quite well.Bush aide Evan Sisley toldMaine Publicthat Sully, who was tra...

Mervin is cranky. And noisy. And beloved beyond belief.

Mervin has no teeth. And he’s cranky. And he barks a lot. And his dads adore him.Phenomenally cute, sweet story from the Dodo’sLittle But Fierce!Many people love this.

Blaze has been waiting so long for his forever family. Give this beautiful “beast” a look!

TheAsheville Humane Societywould love for us all to help find a home for Blaze, a very special dog.Here is Blaze’s story:At 9 years old, Blaze came to Asheville Humane Society when his person passed away. Prior to that, Blaze was living in a car with a homeless owner. And since January, this sweet face has been passed over day after day due to the imperf...

Sam, who portrayed Duke, the Bush’s Baked Beans dog, has died

Social media erupted with sorrow and sweetness as the public learned that Sam, one of the dogs who portrayed “Duke” in commercials for Bush’s Baked Beans had died.

When Darcy had trouble breathing on the plane, the flight crew came to the rescue

This dog-on-a-plane story has a happy ending!Darcy, a French bulldog, was on a JetBlue flight from Florida to Massachusetts last week when her owners noticed she was showing signs of distress. Her tongue was turning blue and she was having trouble breathing.“We all are affected by cabin pressure and oxygen fluctuations, human, canine and feline, etc...

How this gentle giant saved the lives of two brothers

A GENTLE giant of a black dog has won a prestigious animal medal for saving the lives of two brothers suffering the horrors of depression.Such was the fragile mental state of brothers Max and Joe Landowski after losing a family pet, their mother feared the worst.Oldest son Max, 27, became so consumed by grief after the death he became suicidal.Then, along...

How to Train Golden Retriever Dogs How to Train Golden Retri

It is a relatively easy task to teach the Golden Retriever to shake hands with people. For most dogs, about one or two feedings can create basic movements. Here we describe in detail the steps for the dog owners to train the Golden Retriever handshake.1) First let the Golden Retriever dog become familiar with the passwordFirst of all, to determine the han...

Tips for trimming your dog's nails

Trimming nails for dogs is something that every pet owner will do. For the first time the owner of a dog, how do you trim nails for a puppy?Too long nails can affect dog movements and damage indoor furniture. Adult dogs are pruned once a month, and puppies are often trimmed. From the puppies to develop their habit of cutting nails. Trimming finger nails c...

How to reduce the destructive power of dogs

The dog's destructive power is related to its own body structure. For example, the dog is particularly fond of biting things in order to relieve the discomfort of the teeth during the period of teething and changing teeth. This is just like the time when a child changes his teeth, and he likes to bite things in order to relieve his discomfort. In addi...


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