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Tips for trimming your dog's nails
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Trimming nails for dogs is something that every pet owner will do. For the first time the owner of a dog, how do you trim nails for a puppy? 

Too long nails can affect dog movements and damage indoor furniture. Adult dogs are pruned once a month, and puppies are often trimmed. From the puppies to develop their habit of cutting nails. Trimming finger nails can be used nail scissors, after the scissors should be smooth and smooth, found damage, can use iodine rubbing the affected area to prevent infection. 

When you cut your nails, you need to cut off the tip that is not bent through the blood vessels, cut it out at a glance, and then use a file to flatten it. The black claws do not easily see the blood vessels. You can cut off most of the nails before you remove the file, in case you cut it. When hemorrhaging blood vessels, apply hemostatic agent and temporarily stop the blood on the roots of the claws with the thumb and forefinger. 

Puppy's nest is easy to get dirty and easy to hurt. Therefore, care should be taken during this period of time. When cleaning, not only should the toe part be washed with lukewarm water, but also must be cleaned between the toe and the toes. If there is a wound, it should be promptly disinfected. The hair of the long-haired breed should be shaved and cut as short as possible so that it will not slip when walking, but also to prevent it from opening too much between the toes. Generally, it is necessary to use a small round head to trim the dimples to reduce injuries. Cut clean.

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