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How to reduce the destructive power of dogs
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The dog's destructive power is related to its own body structure. For example, the dog is particularly fond of biting things in order to relieve the discomfort of the teeth during the period of teething and changing teeth. This is just like the time when a child changes his teeth, and he likes to bite things in order to relieve his discomfort. In addition, loneliness, nervousness, and loud noise in the surrounding environment, etc., under the influence of special reasons, the dog will also engage in some damage. 

Correcting the destructive power of a dog is not a difficult task. Find the cause of the dog's destruction and give the dog something to destroy. The destructive power of the dog is well solved. 

If it is because of the change of teeth and love to do damage, then the owner's attitude should be given to understand, and should be prepared for something that can be bitten, such as molar sticks and so on. You can also prepare some bite-resistant toys so that the dog can bite at any time. If it is due to loneliness or other environmental factors, then the parents of the dog must take the initiative to comfort the dog so that it can restore calm. Note that if a dog develops bad habits from an early age, then to prevent it from being destroyed, it is necessary to adopt a more rigorous and mandatory method, and it is absolutely impossible for pet dogs to casually engage in destruction.

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