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How to Train Golden Retriever Dogs How to Train Golden Retri
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It is a relatively easy task to teach the Golden Retriever to shake hands with people. For most dogs, about one or two feedings can create basic movements. Here we describe in detail the steps for the dog owners to train the Golden Retriever handshake. 

1) First let the Golden Retriever dog become familiar with the password First of all, to determine the handshake corresponding to the password, this password must be accurate, and will not be confused with other future actions or command passwords to be trained, such as: handshake. The slogan must be highlighted during training and the sound must be clear. Then you can train in the following order. 

2) Four steps to let Jin Mao learn to shake hands 

(1) Make sure that your golden retriever is already hungry. When you especially want to eat, since you are participating in a special study, you must have something you love to eat as a reward at any time. 

(2) Find a place suitable for training, first feed the golden hair a little, and lift the emotions; this is also a locust seduce your little jinmao belly, one will learn, the enthusiasm will be greater. 

(3) When the dog finishes eating a thing and maintains a fixed position, the dog begins to guide the handshake: When it comes close to or touches the dog's forelegs, it will generally make a leg lift. This is the handshake. The prototype, when shouting the handshake command, goes near its front leg. If it is lifted up, it can hold its leg, then release it, wait for it to fix its position, and then proceed to the next time. If it is holding its legs waiting during the practice, give it a hand and give it a little reward. 

(4) When Golden Retriever has a clear impression of the leg-raising action, no longer touch or approach it with his hand, just shout the command of shaking hands. If it is lifted up, hold it and reward to eat a little, if not Lifting and shouting a few times, I really don't know when I lift my leg. Like this, after a short time, it should be possible to form the basic action of shaking hands. 

Handshaking is a good way for the owner to communicate with the dog, and the dog is easily obedient to this movement. Therefore, when the dog is happy, it will take the initiative to hand the forelegs and shake hands with you. Shaking hands is a relatively simple exercise in dog training. It is estimated that everyone can grasp it quickly.   

Tips: Best Training Time for Golden Retriever Puppies 

Why 3-4 months is the best training time for the Golden Retriever dog? 

In general, golden-haired puppies less than 3 months old are not suitable for training, especially for the small golden hair of 1 to 2 months. It will be better to begin training Jin Mao Puppies after 3 to 4 months. 

First, the golden retriever puppies have been relatively strong at this time, and the bones are relatively strong. At the same time, the injection of vaccination is nearing completion and it is also adaptable to the new environment. 

Second, this period is a good time to cultivate good habits of the Golden Retriever training. After bringing the Golden Retriever puppy home for the first time, don't rush and play training immediately with the puppy so that the puppy can get sick easily. The correct thing is to place the puppies in the right place first, let it rest quietly, and let the puppies feel trust in the new home. This period of time lasts for about a week, and you can begin to familiarize the golden retriever puppies with the surrounding environment and establish daily life habits. 

Third, it is better for the same person to be responsible for Jin Mao's diet, including observing the dog's appetite is not normal, and knowing the dog's defecation time and so on.

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